You must be planning something great to do for your children this Children’s Day? Here we have brought Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day to make this different for your child.

Undoubtedly Children’s Day is an integral part of every ones childhood. It has a plethora of memories so why not make it even more memorable for the Child? Thinking in your Child way after coming to his/her level will definitely give your child that feeling that you are the best parent in the world for making their special day even more special.

1. Throw a Surprise Party at Home 

Child’s best friends are the second family for any child so throwing a Surprise Party at Home will definitely give  awesome feeling partying with his/her friends and will definitely bring Wow on the face of your Child.  The Party with his / her friends can be with lots of indoors games of your child choice Like Carom, Ludo, Video Games etc.. You can also let your child manage the party in his / her own way without and instruction from your side but you should follow their directions. Parents becoming kids to make them feel special on this Children’s Day.

2. Decorate Their Rooms the Night Before

Every Child love their room most and love to decorate their rooms line Palace. Decorate their rooms using ribbons, their favorite cartoons, paintings, toys, or their idols. Even better, let your kids help you in decorating will make them feel involved, encouraged and important and will also give lost of learning to them.

3. Buy Them Some Special Gift

Your Child is the most wonderful gift in your life so buy some good gift for him will surely make him / her happy. This Gift could be educational, like puzzles or a cube, or something he / she wanted for a long time which you had not given at that time. Your Child will giggle with happiness.

4. Cook their favorite Food Together with your Child

Learning to cook is an important part of life, and by letting do this your child will not only learn responsibility but you might also discover the Hidden Talent for your Child i.e. cooking. So you might meet one of your parental goal by discovering the hidden talent. Further, Like you, your could will have a great time by cooking together for the entire family.

5. Buy a Box filled with Sweets

Chocolate is the best sweet every child like so Buy a Box filled with Cadbury Chocolates will bring big smile on the face of your Child. Be a child with your child and bring home the chocolate your Child chooses. Before thinking to buy Cadbury Dairy Milk will give him/ her a feeling that their Parents becoming kids to make them feel special on this Children’s Day. This Cadbury Dairy Mild ad is also showing the same thing.

6. Take a Break Share a Cadbury Dairy milk

If you can dedicate entire day by taking a Break from your Office/ Work commitments, you can simply take a Cadbury Dairy Milk share with him and spend a few hours together. They are just as priceless. Your Child will also learn to share things with the loved ones.

Spending time with your children is very important, and with our lives being so busy, we often neglect them. Therefore, make it a point to spend some precious moments with your little ones, this Children’s Day, and watch the amount of love you receive in return.

7. Instigate a new Hobby in your Child 

Hobbies gives a person keep moving in life so apart from craft and games, introduce a hobby that will contribute to your child’s development and appreciation of what exists & surrounds him. If your child possesses  good hobbies he will never be a lonely child because of his interests in photography, bird-watching, jigsaws (to name a few), Painting etc. as they will keep him gainfully occupied. So try to bring something through which you can introduce a new Hobby in your child.

8. Bring a Pet of your Child’s Choice

Gift your child a pet he likes to keep with himself/ herself. But avoid pets that needs caging. This way your child will learn caring a animal and love gods creation. This will also make your Child sensitive about the nature and animals.

9. Try trekking with Child

Every child loves being adventurous and that too alongwith their parents! If you feel your little one is old and fit enough to try trekking, then this is one of the best ways you can spend quality time together on Children’s Day.

Sure, trekking will leave them with hard work and sweat and then take a break and give them Cadbury Dairy Milk in Breaks that your Child will love to have.

10. Cook your Child’s favorite Dish

Every Child love food of their choice so try and cook a something new and favorite dish your child. Try something new for your child which your Child love to have. This will also give your child a feeling about your love and efforts for his choice.

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